Monday, January 19, 2015

Someone went to Costco!!

It is not unusual at all for us to get repeat cakes.  We've had the specialties of several Providence bakeries on many occasions.  Also cakes from supermarkets like Whole Foods have return engagements.  There is one cake that comes from Costco of which there are none in the area.  But one of our colleagues paid a visit to family in New York and stopped by Costco and picked up their version of a tuxedo cake.  We don't know why it is called a tuxedo cake. If you search for one you will see lots of pictures of cakes that are made to look like a tuxedo.  
This is a tuxedo cake!
And a nice round one - boy what you can do with fondant!
But you will also find a number of pictures of what we had today from around the country and all of them make reference to coming from Costco.  Indeed there is a whole image category Tuxedo Cake Costco. Apparently it is a stock cake item, if there is such a thing, and they sell a lot of them!
Looks like a tuxedo cake nursery!

The official name!!
As you can see our cake matches the pictures from the stores so we know it is the real thing!  It is a good cake with many layers with different color fillings - white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse, we presume. It is usually moist but not heavy.  Like most American products it tends to the sweet side but it is not overwhelming. 
Fresh from the shelves of Costco!
Long and rectangular is their version!

White chocolate droppings - er, shavings and a spear to match!

Stratified layers of cake and mousse!

Three different types of mousse make a nice effect!
We are happy to have this again and since there seem to be plenty on the shelves of Costco we'll look forward to another one sometime in the future!

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