Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cookies and nuts regifted!

Holiday cookies are all too frequently given as gifts. They actually make nice presents, in our opinion, because most people pay more attention to the quality of what they are baking at this time of year.  Today we were the beneficiaries of holiday cookies gifts given to folks who don't eat a lot of sweets and are happy to have them regifted to us for cake hour!
Nice little home treats perfect for re-gifting!
Classic and good holiday cookies!!
We ended up with a small platter of home baked cookies and some plastic containers of nuts. We had the cashews today.  The cookies included some classic Italian-American holiday treats including biscotti, almond cookies, chocolate chips, rum balls and butter cookies dipped in chocolate.  You could tell these were homemade and as such were very tasty - especially the almond and the butter cookies! Thanks to the chef for doing such a good job and to the person who regifted them to us.  The cashews were a hit too!
Can't really go wrong with cashews!

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