Monday, December 21, 2015

Party Leftovers

Last night was the annual Holiday party for the entire division.  As is the case every year, we never manage to finish the cake at said party. We stop by the next day, pick up whatever food is left over including the cake, and then have the food for lunch and the remaining cake for cake hour!
The original cake at the Holiday Party!
This is what arrived the next day!
Not as much remaining as after some previous events!
Basically a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse frosting!
This year we got some leftover duck confit, some cheese, quite a few mini-crabcakes, and the obligatory remainder of the smoked turkey breast. Some of us managed to get a decent lunch.  Covered by tinfoil, was the remainder of the cake. Upon unveiling we saw that about 20% of the cake was left which isn't bad. Sometimes half the cake isn't eaten it takes a week to polish it off. This leftover should be gone by tomorrow methinks!
I am so down on this cake!
The cake is actually a basic chocolate cake. The official description was DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE MOUSSE IN BETWEEN, AND CRUNCHY CHOCOLATE SHARDS CRESTING THE TOP WITH CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES! The cake portion was good and not too heavy, and the mousse like frosting was actually very good - a nice departure from heavier and fattier frosting. People, and one person in particular, liked the cake and all were happy to participate in its consumption.
Give me two of these and I'd still want more!

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