Thursday, February 2, 2017

The People's Liberation Army says come back!

As mentioned yesterday, one of our colleagues is leaving after about a year of academic research.  In China she is employed as a physician at the PLA or People's Liberation Hospital 302 in Beijing.  Her appointment here was extended through November 2017 or so we thought.  There was since the approval for the stay, some kind of military reform in China and as part of that all doctors abroad were called back and had their permission to extend their sabbaticals revoked.  That unfortunately means she has to unexpectedly pack up and leave within a month.
We certainly have see n this before
It's called their classic American chocolate cake and what a classic!!
When the final day came, we had a cake hour reception for her with some parting gifts. She provided the cake which turned out to be from Pastiche for the second day in a row. She opted for one of their classic American Chocolate cakes.  This one looks a little than one that you would pick up at a supermarket but that is something that Pastiche is known for.
Message of gratitude before feeding us cake!
Expressing her thanks!
When you get a fresh cake from Pastiche, it is really very good!  The cake portion itself is always light and moist. The frosting on the inside is usually something lighter than what covers the cake.  What does cover the cake, we assume, is some kind of butter cream frosting. You are supposed to let the cake sit at room temperature for at least an hour but we always forget.  So instead of getting a soft smooth, melt-in-your-mouth experience, the frosting breaks into shards when the cake is cut and it takes a little extra body temperature for it to soften in your mouth.  But that is our bad, certainly not Pastiche's.
Moist layers and light frosting.
Something for the head, heart, hand and wall!
Quick pic with the research team!
And a quick one with the boss!
Once the cake was served we presented our departing friend with a few gifts and did a Brown logo makeover. Our friend was happy with the new look but a little sad that she had to leave.  We were sorry to see her go so soon but wish her well and look forward to the next time!
A few more colleagues from the host country!
And now with the administrative gang!

The final cake hour ten second shot!

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