Thursday, January 19, 2017

Peach tart from the Vienna Bakery and the fruit is gone.

Today we had yet another creation of the Vienna Bakery in Barrington - one of our faves.  They make quite a number of fruit tarts with our most popular being the frangiapane or pear tart.  This time around they came up with a peach tart and it looked very tasty right from the start.
Another great looking concoction from the Vienna!
And very well presented!
Classic flan/tart shape for the cruust!
 It had the classic flan type base crust topped with a fruit mixture and not a layer of pastry cream first.  The mixture consisted of sliced and glazed peaches.  Embellishing the top there were a number of dough stars and then some obligatory whipped cream florets and a few white chocolate curled shavings.
Tantalizing top!!
And of course, true to just about all their products, it was delicious!! Their stuff is never too sweet.  Something to highly recommend. Thanks, Vienna Bakery, for another awesome treat.
Crust topped with fruit minus the pastry cream.
Oh and for the record, the chocolate covered fruit is gone.  The last two blueberries were consumed today.  This stuff did not prove to be the most popular but we finished it off!

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