Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sin Bakery Cheesecake

A cake from Sin Bakery - now that has implications.  The selection was a custom made Kahlua Amaretto and Bailey's Cheesecake. Instead of them being all mooshed together, however, each third of the cake was flavored with one of the aforementioned liqueurs. Otherwise it was a standard cheesecake with a graham cracker bottom and some flavored striations on top. Because it was a cheesecake - which has a distinctive flavor in and of itself - it was a little difficult to tell the flavor of the part that you were eating. If there was a preference it was hard to accommodate any request because none of the liqueur flavors stood out. The stuff on the top had a bit of a punch, however. This was good but the next time it might be advisable to stick with one flavor or better yet get one cake for each!  (That's a bit much!)

When we first heard the name of the bakery there was some interest as to whether it would be like the erotic bakery in Boston that makes cakes and decorations to reflect sexual organs or actions. Mercifully, it turned out the name Sin Bakery refers to the fact that everything they make is so good that it is sinful.

Today we learned when someone comes to say that their chair and the building is shaking the best response may not be to be dismissive and joke like "what do you think it is and earthquake.!"  It was, in fact, and earthquake so the next time we shall no be so instantaneously dismissive!
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