Thursday, June 17, 2010

The visit of Borak

No, not the prehistoric Ice Man from South Park - who was called actually Gorak by Stan - but a new contributor to cake hour. What better way to learn what is out there in the world of science than to do so with someone willing to participate in cake hour as a means to satisfy our sweet teeth and get out some info on what they otherwise have to offer. So Borak came with two great cakes - a chocolate ganache and a carrot cake - both from Whole Foods.  The carrot cake was really good and seemed to be the preference of many. But chocolate is almost always a hit and this cake also hit the spot.  What a predicament to be in - having to choose one of the two. The solution was simple - have a Mashiko piece of each. (That's our term for a small piece.) Many did and went back for more.

But that was not the end of the story. Borak gave an informal presentation of some scientific wares including some new and fun stuff and did so pleasantly and with good humor.  A back flip microfuge tube, a 5 ml microfuge tube, black tubes so you don't have to wrap your stuff with aluminum foil and a multi-colored rack that disassembles so you can incubate something without having to transfer it so something else.  In addition, samples were offered to all those who wanted to give something a try. There was some disappointment that there was no free sample of the rack but that is pushing it. Nevertheless the freebies were a hit and will be dutifully tested to see if they merit further consideration down the line.  We'll anticipate some serious reviews.  The visit of Borak was a hit and we'll just have to do it again some time! Princess and Borak...BFFs?

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