Monday, June 28, 2010

The Princess of Ghana Comes least as far as the cake is concerned

We are always interested in seeing what comes up when Princess is the one providing us with our cake hour fare.  Ever since that candy cane cake we know to expect something out of the ordinary, let's say.  Well with the help of a colleague the Princess came through with a diversity cake..or that's what we called it because it has a layer of black, brown and white.  A metaphor for our society...don't you think.? It was quite good. The bottom layer was a chocolate cake layer and above it was a layer of coffee -or mocha - mousse and then vanilla or white chocolate mousse. On the top a layer of dark chocolate ganache with some decorative shavings.  It was not too sweet and rather light.

Our Princess was still celebrating the victory of the Ghana soccer team over the U.S. in the world cup. She was even interviewed by the local newspaper.

In the print addition you saw her lovely face looking up as if for inspiration from the heavens.  She got cut out of the online addition. Of course, who knew that the World Cup was being watched at work!  Spilled the beans a little on that one...but the cake was great!!

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