Monday, August 23, 2010

Here we go again..

I guess we're on a bit of a roll when it comes to the featured item. Friday it was a fruit tart from one of our favorite places and today it is....a fruit tart from one of our favorite places. This time it is from Pastiche on Federal Hill in Providence.  They have been around for awhile and are another place that produces high quality products that look good and taste great.  In the picture you can see the similarities in the product.  The outer ring is even supposed to be mango but we're suspecting it is peach. This one is certainly very colorful and the fruit is all fresh.  There appears to be a glaze on this one but it is light and barely noticeable. It does serve to hold the fruit together so the berries don't go rolling off when you slice it. The pastry cream layer is a little thicker here but regardless these are great tarts and we are always happy to see one from  Check it out...more competition for those showy Hong Kong places!
Pastiche logo

Colorful Creation

Well designed!

The inner fixin's
Tomorrow is the pathobiology retreat. The sheer joy of having to participate is being amplified by the monsoon weather. Since the retreat takes place in a park it is looking like this is going to be memorable not just for the science. We can't wait to see who shows up since it is being pushed by those in the know here. 

Side view

It's going fast...

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