Friday, May 20, 2011 cake

It's another Whole Foods Creation!
For the first time we had a cake. Actually it was a cake with a special web address written on top. It was clever and a nice touch from today's cake time donor.  We've had this cake, from the Whole Foods bakery, before and thoroughly enjoyed it previously so we were fine seeing it again with our website inscription

The most apropos inscription there could be!

A nice combination of fruit and butter cream.

In addition the sides are loaded!

Loaded with shavings of white chocolate!

Our smiling contributor!

Layers separate by fruit and cream filling!  Good stuff!

This is a yellow layer cake with a filling between the layers consisting of some butter cream frosting and some raspberry (I think) puree.  The theme was continued on top where the outer part of the cake was frosted with the butter cream and the center was brightly colored with the fruit aspic.  All around the side were multitudinous amounts of shaved white chocolate which made for a very nice finish.  We managed to remember to keep the cake out of the refrigerator prior to serving this time around which made sure that everything was as it is supposed to be light and creamy as opposed to heavy and congealed.  Really - if you find your cake icing is splitting in two when you serve it....the cake needs to warm up!

I'm graduating so I brought a cake!
This is going to have to wait until Monday!
What we did not realize was that one of our undergrads was finishing her work here as she was graduating from Brown.  To thank everyone and show her appreciation she also brought a cake so there was an embarrassment of riches so to speak.  We truly appreciated the gesture but decided that we couldn't polish off two cakes and decided to go with cake number 2 on Monday!

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