Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiramisu in cake form


Once again we find ourselves treated to another specialty of Pastiche, the great bakery up on Federal Hill.  This is their cake version of Tiramisu although they do not call it that. They call it a chocolate mascarpone cake.   Since two of the main ingredients of tiramisu are chocolate and mascarpone cheese you get the picture.  We are, of course, spoiled when it comes to tiramisu having and Italiana in our midst who has been preparing them for us for years.  I would say we were hesitant to try this for fear that we would like it better than what we have been getting but that would be a big lie.  We jumped right in.
Take the ingredients to tiramisu and throw them into cake form and it's a chocolate mascarpone cake!

Like everything else at Pastiche this thing looks good, and tastes good. The decorations on top were attractive and as usual it was very fresh. It may look a little heavy but was quite light and we decided it was its own thing and should not be compared to tiramisu even though it sure tasted like it.

The obligatory cocoa powder and some chocolate shards for decoration!

It might look heavy but it was pretty light!

Close up of the decorative top!
If you see one of these go for it!

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