Monday, May 23, 2011

Sperm Cake and Codfish Ice Cream

Our departing undergrad had generously brought a cake for her final day not realizing we already had begun consuming a good size torte meaning we had to put off her gift until today. Several people had also returned from trips giving us more appetites to whet. This is from the Meeting House Cafe and is a  mocha cappuccino hazelnut cake or something like that.  It kept very well in the refrigerator and was still moist and good after waiting the weekend to be featured.  This had a coffee flavored icing that was a bit like a fondant only this was easily edible a bit unlike a fondant.  The cake itself was a white cake with multiple layers that were separated by a coffee cream. We also suspect that the bottom was soaked in espresso or cappuccino to give it the taste associated with the name.  It was surprisingly not too sweet which made everyone enjoy it a tad more as no one here is thrilled with sickeningly sweet desserts. it must be the effect of all those foreigners that we get here.

A parting gift the consumption of which got postponed!
Quite a confection from the Meeting House Cafe

Multiple layers with cream filling

Fondant like top with some kind of coffee flavor on the bottom!

You probably have noticed the little squiggles on the top leading up to a whole hazelnut as a decoration.  To most that's all that they saw. But not all.  Someone with a more creative imagination perhaps or with less pure thoughts depending on your outlook thought these decorative elements looked like sperm. She proceeded to tell us this and as she enjoyed the cake made a few more comments along the line that shouldn't be repeated but the cake thus became known as the sperm cake.
Squiggles to most spermatozoa to others!
The same person also told us about their recent trip to the Isle of Puerto Rico. At one point during this trip they traveled far and sought out at the top of some isolated hill a place where very special ice cream is made.  This place is known for having hundreds of flavors that are not those usually found in traditional ice cream parlors. Guacamole ice cream, rice and beans ice cream, garlic ice cream, corn ice cream or most inexplicably codfish ice cream. (I wonder if the latter would taste like fish chowder.) The codfish ice creak was apparently the beau's favorite.  In case you find yourself in Puerto Rico and want to have bizarre taste experiences check out the Heladaria Lares: 

The home of the cream that is!

In all probability the cod fish ice cream probably caused our friend to hallucinate about the sperm on top of/in the cake!

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