Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anonymous Lemon Tart and farewell to Tao

Day four of the student cake competition produced a store bought item which is fine.  Although we know who brought it the competitor chose to remain somewhat incognito not showing up to take the credit or the fall. We found the cake in the refrigerator and instantly recognized the box as being what one usually sees from the Vienna Bakery in Barrington, RI.  We're always happy to have something from Vienna so we're off to a good start.
Hey, look what we found in the refrigerator!

Looks suspiciously like something from the Vienna Bakery!
What's better is when the item is something we had not seen before and that was the case today.  We found a lemon tart or flan whatever your prefer to call it.  It consisted of a standard crust then a layer of pastry cream or custard. On the top was a lemon custard like you would normally see in a lemon meringue pie.  It was finished with some powdered sugar and some whipped cream blossoms topped with white chocolate shavings and a lemon jell slice candy wedge.  The presentation was quite lovely and quite yellow.

Whipped cream blossoms with white chocolate and a gel slice!

A layer of yellow custard topped with a really yellow lemon glop!
If you got this slice you got it all!

As it to be expected from the Vienna Bakery, the tart was fresh and not too sweet. Whether this was exacerbated by the lemon custard we don't know and don't particularly care.  If you got some of the whipped cream with the white chocolate shavings you got an extra taste treat that worked particularly well together. Everyone enjoyed indulging in some lemony delight and awarded four stars for the quality if not the quantity.  Thanks to mystery man for setting us up with a different type of yellow cake!  The yellowness proved a good visual match for one of our participants.

We match!

Every now and then the subject of calories and waistlines comes up.  And so it did today albeit briefly. Those of us who have been there always warn that you have till about the age of 30 before the calories start to hit.  The youngsters are of course skeptical and as one of them said in self-reference "there's nothing wrong with this figure!"  You be the judge and we'll see how it holds up ten years from now!
Calories...what calories?

Nothing wrong with this figure!

You know you want some more.......cake that is!!
 Today was also the last day for another research fellow who was back off to China to continue in the clinics.  The research life always treats them better.  We did our usual makeover but had a luncheon in his honor so no cake to show.  See you at the AASLD maybe!    
I'm ready for my closeup!
Another makeover complete!
Good luck getting that thing on the plane!
Learned about research and car accidents in America!
The research group
A few more farewells!
He will be missed!
The man and his mentor!

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