Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apricot Blueberry Crumble

Every now and then we want to eat something that might remotely have a health benefit so we were happy to see that today's student chose a recipe based upon fruit.  In this case we had a baked blueberry and nectarine crumble. As opposed to a cobbler, this is mainly baked fruit with a layer of sugar/butter/flour spread on the top before it is baked. (A cobbler would have the fruit baked into a cake type batter.)
Today's baker and her serving of fruit!

Framed by the glass pan it's almost a work of art
As mentioned this was mainly blueberries and nectarines sweetened and baked with the crumble topping.  The two fit together very well and it was indeed very good. We even had several people who normally are very weight and calorie conscious joined in because it was based on fruit. As opposed to the rest of us who enjoy all of the offerings that come along. 
Nice golden brown sugar, fat and flour based crumble on top!

A closeup of the sweet stuff

Plenty of fruit to go around
The presentation called for a piece to be complemented with a dollop of Breyer's vanilla ice cream. Strategically this was a good idea as it was one of those things that beg for some ice cream or whipped cream thereby offsetting any health benefit from the fruit. (Like we care.)

Scremin' for ice cream!

 Nonetheless this was very well received and enjoyed by all. So we have another four star winner for the day.

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