Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's not Mac and Cheese - it's Grandma's Kugel

For those who were unfamiliar with Kugel it is understandable that they could look at today's entry and conclude we were having Mac and Cheese for cake hour!  There is a striking resemblance.  The difference of course is that Kugel is a sweet dish and not anything you would find is a box made by Kraft.  For the unenlightened Kugel is a baked Ashkenazi Jewish pudding or casserole, similar to a pie, most commonly made from egg noodles (Lokshen kugel) or potatoes, though at times made of zucchini, apples, spinach, broccoli, cranberry, or sweet potato. It is usually served as a side dish on Shabbat and Yom Tov.  You've heard of bread pudding. Well, kugel could easily be called noodle pudding.

Carrying on the Kugel tradition!
Noodle kugel has all the ingredients of a great dessert. Eggs, sugar, (cottage) cheese, butter and vanilla.  Throw all this on top of egg noodles and bake and ta da....Kugel!  (Kugel is also the German word for ball.)
Like you see in the cookbooks!
Something else for the unsophisticated!

Yup!  That's noodles in this pudding!

Our student baker today was very proud to bring Kugel he made according to a recipe from his grandmother that he remembered from his youth. We like that! He felt it was great tasting and we were happy to share his sweet remembrances.  It was nicely baked with a golden brown top and tasted great. For some people it took a little getting used to but all were happy to try it.  For the unenlightened he  baked and frosted a chocolate sheet cake so they had the option of sticking to a traditional cake hour selection.  That was very considerate of him and he deserves extra credit for that.  Four and a half stars for originality and the extra steps taken to accommodate all tastes.

For skeptics a nice basic chocolate cake!
As said though most were happy to try the kugel though the baking of pasta into a dessert was not without its detractors.  Those whose heritage lays claim to expertise about cooking all kinds of pasta dishes were somewhat skeptical and partly outraged at this noodle blasphemy.  It just goes to show you that different folks do different things with their noodles but who are we to judge.

CHE CAZZO???? Pasta non รจ dolce!

Just let me eat my Kugel! Italy will survive!

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