Friday, April 27, 2012

Biorad Cakes and Neon Cookies

We had another vendor visit today.  The plan was for them to bring in an instrument so that it could be tested for its efficacy in the type of lab work that we do.  It is some kind of plate washer for use in multiple assays.  It was once evaluated by someone named Lisa but she moved on.  Now another person named Lisa is the one to try it out. Anyway somehow the machine did not make it. But refreshments for cake hour did!!   We like vendors like this.

Our vendor offering for the day!
Real Whip Cream...bad grammar but gotta love it!
When asked what they should bring we told them anything with whipped cream would be welcome but they should avoid cheesecakes as we have had a lot of them lately.  They happily obliged.  They arrived with a basic chocolate cake that was frosted with whipped cream and embellished with some shaved chocolate. It was not a multilayer cake just a single layer moist chocolate cake with the chantilly as the French would say.  Basic and good and appreciated by most although we have learned that a couple of our Francophonic people are not fans of whipped cream. C'est dommage! Too bad for them.
Add a few cherries and some kirsch and it's a Black Forest Cake!

The swirl means that much more of the whipped goodness!

Just cake and whipped cream..simple and fine!

For them there was also a "Gourmet Cookie Gift Box".  Doesn't that sound nice. The interesting thing is that the gourmet cookies were neon colored.  Is that what makes them gourmet? They were along the lines of Italian cookies but really, really brightly colored.  However whereas the cake was good and moist these were good and dry.  Mainly a variation on shortbread but in need of more butter or something.  Perfect to go with a beverage to wash them down. As you can see from the expression, some were not enthralled.  We also had our first visit from the head of neuro-oncology who was checking in with the aforementioned second Lisa.  The fame of cake hour spreads further!

Sound good doesn't it!

Already looking colorful!

Not so bad looking!
On closer inspection the neon colors standout!

Pink and yellow and dry!
Anyone have a glass of water before I dehydrate?
Checking out cake hour for neuro-onc!  You do this every day?

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