Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No red velvet cake but Passed-over cake was there

One of our former colleagues, now a medical student, left a Facebook post that he was going to be in town and could be come visit and bring a cake.  But of course you can!  We were happy to hear that he was going to be able to visit and were even happier to remember our cake hour get-togethers.  I doubt they have them in medical school!  He brought us a cake from Sweet Cakes in Peace Dale, Rhode Island!  What a lovely sounding name...Peace Dale!  He had ordered a red velvet cake which we had not had in awhile.
A red velvet cake from Sweet Cakes in Peace Dale!
Back from Medical School with a cake! Welcome back!
Nicely Frosted with a rose on top!

Rich chocolate frosting...hmm, red velvet cakes have cream cheese frosting!

We will have to wait a little longer however because something must have gotten mixed up in the process. Although this was a lovely little cake, once cut it was clear this was no red velvet cake.  This was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was pretty good but it might have been a little more interesting had it been a red velvet cake.  Red velvet cakes are like cupcakes. All of a sudden it is very popular.  They even have red velvet cake ice cream.  How this came about so quickly is a mystery but maybe it will outlive the cupcake craze.
Turns out this ain't not red velvet cake!

Unexpectedly we also had another "treat" included today.  It is/was Passover and one of our colleagues who needs to avoid gluten made a gluten free cake using almond flour, some oranges and other usual ingredients.  Apparently it was not finished off during a Passover celebration that is the cake was passed over" presumably for something else so we dubbed it the "Passed-over" cake. Get it? We tend to be a little dubious of anything gluten free but people did seem to enjoy this. It was moist and the consistency and flavor was not bad. It did remind one person of meatloaf, however. We won't say who!

The Passed Over cake!
What's so funny about a cake made with almond flour?

Cake to some meatloaf to unnamed others!
Meatloaf?  Nah!  Turkey stuffing, maybe!

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