Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheescake #4 and addicted to electronic devices

Today we had cheesecake number 4.  As previously mentioned this was bought from the Cheesecake Factory using Cheesecake Factory gift cards that were received as part of a sales promotion.  We had the choice of many other vendors like Home Depot or Best Buy but what are we supposed to find for cake hour at those places?  It was our suggestion that the vendor get us some Cheesecake Factory cards and fortunately he was happy to comply.  This was the fourth one.
Déja vu cheesecake
It was also a repeat albeit the 6 inch version of the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake that we have already had.  The six inch cake really looks small but the pieces you end up cutting are probably about as many calories as you should have.  This cheesecake is good though there is no overwhelming flavor of white chocolate. Come to think of it is there ever an overwhelming flavor of white chocolate? Maybe the Lindt white chocolate truffles but not this cheesecake. The taste of the cheese is enough to overtake any white chocolate flavoring.  But no complaints, we've had this before and were glad to enjoy it again. 
Oreo type, crust, white chocolate cheesecake, raspberry swirl and whipped cream florets on top!
These commercial cheesecakes are bought frozen.  Since we seem to never be able to get them in time to defrost them we end up using a Microwave to soften them up.  Using the defrost cycle it gets them warm enough to slice but as they remain a bit frozen it is kind of like eating cheesecake ice cream. Some people actually prefer them this way.  Today we see the results of when you just microwave it on a regular setting. It does indeed thaw quicker however the presentation suffers a bit. If you think it looks a little deformed you are right.
The defrost cycle won't deform your whipped cream or shaved chocolate!
Today we saw the ugly spectacle of PED addiction such as was recently described in the New York Times Magazine as "The Hyperaddictive Time-Sucking Relationship-Busting Mind-Crushing Power and Allure of Silly Digital Games."  


One of our cackler has been carrying on playing internet Scrabble.  He was getting agitated that one of the players was not responding now that she had her PhD and was working in New York. We concluded she was probably busy but he felt he was being slighted.  We concluded he was too involved with his personal electronic devices even being unable to ignore them during cake hour.  The pictures speak for themselves. Maybe he can ask Siri where to find help!
Why isn't she playing scrabble?

Is this an addict I see before me?

Just one more word....

Caught again!  Time for some detox!

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