Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Both Royce' and Sumo wrestlers are not what you think..

Several treats from Japan via a recently arrived colleague were served up today. Surprisingly these were not what we expected.  We are used to differing types of Japanese sweets that are served with tea and feature a lot of bean paste or bean gel or something like that.  Today however we had some more western like products albeit all via Japan.  Some of them even had Western names and Latin script featured on the box.  Perhaps this is to give them some cach√© for the Japanese consumer or they are primarily intended for Western tourists and were picked up at the airport.  We don't really know but whatever!
Royce' of Hokkaido!
Two boxes - chocolate and cookies!
Proud to introduce us to the goods!
 Things came in a bag with the logo Royce' on it and it said "Chocolate and Cookies."  Apparently Royce' is a well known Japanese Chocolatier based in Sapporo, Japan. We found a description of their products as being "Souvenirs of Hokkaido." Inside the bag were two boxes - one with chocolates and one with cookies! Surprise! The chocolates were wrapped with paper bearing the name/logo "Mary Chocolate: Selection of Fine Sweets" and once unwrapped we saw the title of the package "Fancy" and the logo "Mary's".  (Note the possessive was not used on the outside wrapper.) Further description was "Fancy Chocolate" and "Assorted Gourmet Chocolates."  This bodes well don't you think? I'm not sure fancy had to be used twice on the same box cover, though.  This turned out to be a very nice selection of truffles and other creative chocolate candies.  They tasted great and it was fund searching through the various kinds.  A road map in several languages let us know what to expect.  if you end up needing to by a present in a Japanese airport Mary('s) Chocolate would not be a bad
Mary Chocolate!

An attractive selection!
Now they are Mary's!
Don't they all look good!
Just in case you missed it they are fancy!
The other box in the bag was a box of "Baton Cookies". We liked the description "A long and thin cookie with fine chocolate on one side. A perfect match of unique thin cookie with crunchy texture and smooth chocolate makes it irresistible."  How can you not like that! There were two types one called Coconuts and the other described as Hazelnut with Cacaonibs. We think that means little pieces of chocolate and hazelnuts.  Only the coconut one had the milk chocolate on one side.  In good Japanese fashion these cookies were all individually wrapped.  Both of them were very good and proved to be quite popular as they are in Japan.  Overall we were impressed with Royce' products and know what to get should we need a souvenir of Hokkaido.

Baton Cookies...another Royce' specialty!

The box inside matches the paper!
Individually wrapped for freshness and elegance!
This one is coconuts!
This one has cacoanibs - whatever that is!
Typical Cookie one one side....
Milk chocolate on the other...good stuff!
The theme being Japan today we ended up talking about Sumo wrestlers.  Although they may appear merely morbidly obese we were assured in fact a lot of the weight was muscle mass making them very strong.  They are major celebrities in Japane and widely admired. Despite there size and less than Adonis-like appearance they are apparently quite popular with the ladies. Several of them apparently have very beautiful and also famous wives. One might think the difference in body mass might be a limiting factor to any relationship but love knows no boundaries when it comes to Sumo.  Why as the picture shows everyone wants to be seen with a Sumo.
Did Hanna Montana marry a Sumo?
I hear what you say but...
....I don't think a sumo is for me! 

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