Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fatty Cheesecake and Defecography

We had no takers for cake hour today although we have been doing pretty good for the month of May. So we took out our Cheesecake Factory Gift cards and proceeded to get another one of their frozen though not bad Dulce de Leche cheesecakes.  We've had it before and are not above repeating something that we like.  Since it's frozen and we never defrost them in time we did our usual quick defrost in the microwave to soften it up enough to cut it.  It actually makes the cake taste a little like ice cream so we have come to prefer them a little frozen anyway.
It's the Cheesecake factory again!
Looks like something we've seen before!
Dulce de Leche - it gets a little malformed from the microwave!
This is a good cake and we were glad to try it again until we read the nutrition label.  This is a small cake but the intention is for there to be eight slices judging by the  eight whipped cream florets on the top. It turns out that one of the eight slices is 670 calories and 41g of fat! That info was enough to drive some of the weight conscious right out of the room.  Since none of us were going to eat an eighth of the cake anyway we indulged without worry. Besides, it's impossible to eat anything from the Cheesecake Factory if it is the actual recommended size.

Whipped cream on top - but it's all air anyway!
Lots of calories in this baby!
We learned something new today. We learned about defecography. It sounds made up doesn't it?  If you noticed that it has some similarity to defecate that's no coincidence.  Apparently defecographys is an imaging process whereby they take and record what is happening to associated body parts during the process of defecating.  More scientifically the defecating proctogram or defecography is an imaging study performed by a radiologist in which the mechanics of a patient's defecation are visualized in real time using a fluoroscope. In other words they are recording what is happening to you while you are taking a dump.  Who knew this existed?  And how did it come up while we were eating cake?  I suppose if you should be having trouble with the process it would help to have your doctor be able to visualize what is going on. Ah, the things we learn working in a GI Division. 

I'm ready for my defecography!!

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