Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This probably looks familiar!

 Thanks to yesterday's delivery of two serious coffee cakes,m we had to stretch out the consumption to two days. We like cake and treats but there is no way we were going to finish off the goods in one day.  Yesterday it was the Mega Walnut Cake and today it is the Marble Coffee cake.  Coffee cake is intended to be drier and not as sweet as as frosted dessert cake.  You're supposed to eat it with a cup of coffee, after all! 
You DID see this yesterday!  
You've go to have some nuts!
Looks like a good part of it is chocolate!

Like its sister cake from yesterday this was good, moist and dense. The perfect treat to go with some java.  The surprise with this cake is that from the outside it looks like there is a lot of chocolate in the cake but once you cut it, the chocolate is a lot sparser on the inside than you might expect.  That certainly didn't stop us and we enjoyed this very much.  Thanks to our friend for giving us two days of treats!
Maybe there is not so much chocolate after all!
A 50:50 ratio it is not!

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