Friday, January 25, 2013

Québec's Favorite treat!! Who knew?

Today we thought we were just having some version of a whoopie pie or a mallow pie. These concepts may not be familiar to all.  But basically it is a chocolate pie/cookie with some kind of marshmallow filling.  Instead what we were treated to were Dare's Pure Chocolate Whippets.  The description on the box is "a heavenly cloud-like marshmallow cookie coated in pure dark chocolate!"  We like the double celestial reference to heaven and a cloud!  We had never heard nor seen these things but here they were.

What's your favourite cookie?
But there's more!  These are apparently Quebec's, the French Canadian province's, favourite cookie.  Who knew?  (Did you notice I spelled favorite the Canadian way?)  It's hard to fathom that our entire lives heretofore took place with us having no knowledge of Quebec's favorite cookie! On the box it says, "Since its creation by the Viau family in 1927, the irresistibly sinful taste of Dare Pure Chocolate Whippet has been Quebec's favorite cookie for generations!" (Notice they did NOT use the Canadian spelling!) What is a Whippet? " Whippet is a heavenly cloud-like marshmallow cookie that is smothered in a pure dark chocolate for a taste that is sure to satisfy your every desire."  That's quite a claim!  You might imagine that if it could satisfy every desire these would be wildly popular in more places than Quebec! Since that is not the case we have to take that claim with a grain of salt!
On one side the label is horizontal!
On the other it is vertical...clever!

And it is Quebec's favorite to boot!
Are you ready to satisfy your every desire?
These are supposed to do it!

We like how they are creative with their description of the chocolate coating.  On one part of the box they are described as  "coated", on another part they are "smothered" and on a third part they are "enrobed."  We applaud their creativity. 

They are either coated, smothered or enrrobed! Take your pick!
 As for the cookies they have a shortbread type base with a fluffy and not too dense dollop or marshmallow which is then covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate. This chocolate covering does have a tendency to crack so the presentation was not as undisturbed as the picture on the box.  Nonetheless these were very good.  The marshmallow was much lighter than in other commercial cookies which made the cookie seem more...elegant?  The dark chocolate was good and though the cookie base was not much to talk about the overall experience was great and satisfied our every desire!  Not really!   As one our colleagues "discovered" these when they were in Canada, we presume she will pick up more the next time she crosses the border.

A little bit of damage in transit having come all the way from Quebec!
The cross section showing that fluffy marshmallow layer!

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