Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well that didn't take long....

The Vienna Bakery strikes again!  One of our colleagues who lives in Barrington, also home of the Vienna Bakery, picked up something for today. He had just gotten approval for grant funding so maybe it was a grant cake!  Or a going away cake prior to his leaving for China!  Whatever!  We have seen many things from said bakery but this was something new.  Even though a number of people who saw it immediately assumed that it was something strawberry it was actually a Raspberry White Chocolate Cake.  We don't know if that is what it is really called but that is what it looked and tasted like to us.  There is no picture on the website so we couldn't confirm it so that is what we are just going to call it.
A heretofore unknown Vienna Bakery creation!
Raspberry coating with shaved white chocolate and a whipped cream finish!

Not it's not strawberry or cranberry...

It was a multi-layered yellow cake that was filled with raspberry compote - or something similar.  The "frosting" on the outside was the same raspberry concoction as on the inside. It was sprinkled completely with white chocolate shavings and embellished with a whipped cream skirt around the bottom and a small floret with fresh berry on the top.  It certainly looked good.
Quite a bit o' white chocolate..
And there is really RED raspberry throughout!
In only 19 minutes this is what remained!
Truth be told, however, this looked a little like those cakes that you buy at a supermarket that look great then turn out being terribly sweet with greasy frosting. That was not the case here, however. The cake was quite good. The cake itself was fresh and moist and not overly sweet.  The filling  had serious fresh raspberry taste, was not too sugary and though there seemed like there might be too much it was not overpowering at all.  Everyone liked how fruity it tasted.  As a matter of fact people like this a lot.  It did not take very long for the whole thing to disappear and a couple of our cautious cake consumers even had second pieces.  That says a lot!  The Vienna bakery comes up with another hit.
Two minutes later and it is the end!
I got the last piece and just in time!
We were told of an incident over the weekend that probably falls into the category of what not to do at a pet store.  Someone posed the question to an employee at a big pet chain - "if we were to cut some small animals would you have anything to stop the bleeding?"  This was asked by a person dressed warmly in a fur hat and fur coat.  One can only imagine what the salesperson was thinking!

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