Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The iPhone works so we got cake...the Komodos got something too

Ah, technology!  It is great until it stops working.  All of a sudden and iPhone went dead.  Nothing seemed to work so the person called tech support at Apple who went through a range of options that didn't make a difference.  This advice also included having to remove the SIMM card which did not appear at all easy to do given the casing.  Ultimately the conclusion was to go to an AT&T store to have the phone reset or something.  So off to AT&T.  Surprisingly, however, along the way the phone started working again. Incoming and outgoing calls were fine and the email SYNC was also okay. In other word no need to go to the store so our protagonist turned around to head back and found himself right near Gregg's Bakery in Providence.   The perfect opportunity to stop and pick up a cake for the afternoon.  He arrive into the bakery just as they were wheeling in a cart of all their freshly baked and assembled products. He made a great selection and we were all set for today's cake hour.
Just happened to run into this place!
Right out of the pastry shop and ready for us!
Coffee flavored whipped cream - gotta love it!
Gregg's is know for making some big cakes and this was one of them though not their biggest. We have had this before however it has been awhile. This was their Toffee Candy Crunch Cake.
Four layers of a toffee cake filled and frosted with coffee flavored whipped cream and sprinkles of Heath® candy then topped with even more candy.  There is a chocolate crunch along the sides also. Who would argue this description that this would be anything but a great dessert.  It was indeed fresh, good and moist and all the ingredients - especially the whipped cream - together make for a great taste treat.  The crumbled Heath Bars on top was the piece de resistance! We were quite happy to enjoy this once again and it was almost as popular as yesterday's raspberry cake. It was bigger so we had plenty left over.
Smashed Heath Bars make for a great topping!
Lookin' good!
Lots of chocolate crunch on the side!

Four layered cake filled with the good stuff!
It's going pretty fast too!
Today we heard more of the escapades of one of our colleagues who went on a cruise to through Indonesia to Thailand.  In addition to seeing how and where they made the poop coffee (see a few posts previous to this one) they also made a stop on the island of Komodo home of the Komodo dragons.  Prior to debarkation from the boat they were warned that if they had any open wounds or were menstruating not to get off the boat as the dragons can smell blood.  These are the largest reptiles in the world today - relative so dinosaurs even -  but are only found on several Indonesian islands.  Apparently they feed off smaller animals with the major dietary item being deer.  Our traveler got so see one of them stalk a deer that had just been bitten that was declining probably from venom.  Apparently once the animal is rendered incapable of escaping, the komodos take their time stalking after it until it collapses and the feast begins.  To ward off the dragons that might start to attack humans the guides have branches and wooden sticks.  A Taser or tranquilizing dart might be more effective but probably not as authentic.

Not your average reptile!

Lunchtime for a komodo - an unfortunate tourist!

On the way back from Sinagpore there was a child that got sick on the plane - an Airbus A380. What luck that our vacationing colleague was a pediatrician.  The kid got progressively worse forcing a detour back to Tokyo. In order to provide a calmer environment the child was brought to business class and our doc and his wife were allowed to move also.  After caring for the patient the purser on the flight told our pal that they were welcome to remain in business class for the duration of the flight. This was a very nice gesture. However being in business class, for Singapore Airlines anyway, does not mean you are treated as if you paid for business class.  While everyone else around them was being pampered, including a teenager, our cruising couple was served economy meals and generally ignored.  Kind of tacky for Singapore airlines don't you think?  We'll all have to think twice about accepting one of their upgrades!
The best in the world?
We'll upgrade your seat but that's about it!

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