Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cake-o Dominicano is not how you say Dominican Cake in Spanish

The correct term is Bizcocho Dominicano.  We had never heard of this before and had no idea what we were getting today was called any particular thing.  This was the latest offering/competitor for student cake month.  When we first saw the cake from afar it looked like somebody's chapeau.  It appeared somewhat lacy and was very, very blue.  Probably the most intense blue color we have ever seen at cake hour.  We were skeptical at first thinking it was another super sweet American style cake but were then told that it was a Dominican Cake.
I'll be at class but hope you like the Dominican cake!
Apparently Bizcocho Dominicano or Dominican Cake is an established item. Gleaning info from recipes as it is apparently not yet worthy of its own Wikipedia page, this is a yellow or vanilla cake cut into layers with a pineapple or other tropical filling between the layers.  The frosting on the top is meringue based and has the taste and consistency of marshmallow.  Our student of the day brought this because he has Domincan heritage and had had this cake as a youngster.  He wanted to share the concept with us and we were certainly happy to be enlightened.
Is this a cake or someone's Easter bonnet?
The frosting was described as Bahama Blue.
This cake was something that no one had really had before.  Visually it was quite remarkable with the aforementioned blue color. The white frosting used for decorating the cake was a nice contrast.  This color and decoration together with the paper doily made the whole thing look very frilly which is okay.
It is actually quite a nice looking cake!
The decorations are a tad on the frilly side!
This cake had four layers which is surprising given how relatively small it was.  In between the layers was a guava filling which no one expected.  Frequently, with this cake, the filling is pineapple but guava was absolutely acceptable.  The cake was very fresh and moist, which is a good thing, and together with the java filling tasted quite good.
Guava filling was a first for cake hour!
The surprise was the frosting.  We expected it would be the usual shortening or lard based coating but this being meringue based was quite different.  It was lighter, not at all dense and reminded people a lot about Marshmallow fluff. It was bit on the sweet side but that was okay.  Everything together worked very well and we could understand why this cake would be popular. We give this a four and a half star rating. Extra points are for originality and the added effort to provide something unique.
That layer of frosting looks thick but was not at all heavy!
Some of our cake hour attendees were caught sharing a music experience.  We don't know what it was they were listening to but they clearly liked it!
Intently listening to God knows what!
Oh yeah, that's cool!

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