Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Magic Cake is followed by the Miracle Cake!

Student cake month continueth apace! Our contestant for today claimed to never have baked anything before.  There was some anticipation and anxiety on her part as to what she would do.  We just expected to get another store bought cake that we had most likely tried before.  But to our surprise, our friend did a little research, came up with a credible recipe, executed it well and brought to us her first homemade creation.  To her it was something of a miracle to pull it off so yesterday's magic cake became today's miracle cake!
My first time as a baker and it's a miracle!

This is why it was called a sprinkles cake!

A quaint homemade look, don't you think!

It was described as a sprinkles cake.  Can you guess why?  The colorful sprinkles on top of the cake is a dead giveaway.  Actually the presentation wasn't bad.  The cake was served up on a bright green plate which contrasted nicely with the hue of the frosting. As mentioned the brightly colored sprinkles added to the effect.  The cake does a bit of a homemade look to it, don't you think.  Clearly the chef did not break out her pastry bag and cake decorating tools.  The frosting does seem a little fluid but that makes for a nice skirt around the base of the cake.  This probably was not intentional.

Not sure if the skirt around the cake is intentional!
So what is this miracle cake? The frosting is raspberry butter cream and we were told this was the second preparation as the first was a failure.  We're glad our baker did not give up but gave it a second go. It was a vanilla cake but once sliced there was a surprise in that two of the layers had been colored so as to give the cake itself some contrast. This was a nice creative touch.  Perhaps last year's BCA cake was an inspiration! It gave the cake portions some visual appeal. 

Surprise!  The layers are colored!
Bicolor cake appeal!
The miracle cake tasted good but not miraculous.  The cake was requisitely moist and the frosting tasted pleasantly of raspberries without being as oleaginous as so many fat based frostings are.  They went well together and everyone agreed that our first time baker had done good for her first baking feat.  For the extra creativity and effort we give her the five star rating.  The cake actaully went pretty quickly and in the end all that was left on the plate for those who wanted more were the guts of the cake. 
And it's going fast....
.....leaving only the guts!

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