Monday, July 15, 2013

C/mon, you're acting like you never heard of a tuxedo cake!

We are into week two of student cake month and thus far there has been little of the wow factor.  Our participants thus far have all opted for commercial solutions for their entry. Although there was some merit to what they found we have a long way to go for sure.  Today's entry was something with a great name, at least...a Tuxedo cake. It turns out there are several versions of this. The predictable one is the cake that is made to look like a tuxedo.  There is another version that we would love to try as it involves a lot of chocolate cake and whipped cream. The third one we saw is the one that is similar to what we had today, so was the one being listed as coming from Costco in the picture.  It involves marble cake, cream filling a and a chocolate glaze on the top.  Perhaps the different shades of white and chocolate in the cake is where the name comes from. 
This is a tuxedo cake......
...and this is a tuxedo cake...
and this is a tuxedo cake!
This is a tuxedo cake from Costco!
And this is my tuxedo cake..which I had never heard of!
 Today it was a long rectangular cake with the layers visible from the sides.  It consisted of three layers of marble cake with a chocolate mousse filling between the bottom two layers, a white chocolate mousse filling between the top two layers and a dense chocolate frosting on the top. 
Nicely put together!
Good solid chocolate frosting!
We don't know where it came from but it was good and fresh and although it looks like it might be heavy it was pretty light. This might be due to the mousse consistency of the fillings.  In any event everyone was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the day's treat. It gets a four star rating.
Layers of mousse!

The marble cake comes into view!

A representative slice!
The joke of the day was when people were asked what it was and couldn't answer, they were told what it was with some false incredulity and the statement that opens the post.

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