Monday, December 16, 2013

Party leftovers! Not the same cake!

Last night was the Division of Gastroenterology party at CAV Restaurant. This is a great event attended by lots of people whom we usually see once a this event.  Dessert is always a specially made cake with a holiday greeting.  It is served with some French peach champagne and the two go together very well.  This year we did the same. The cake was the usual good size chocolate creation with Happy Holidays Liver Research Center.
The Christmas Party Scene at CAV Restaurant
Nice looking cake with our annual message!
There are always leftovers - not just of the cake but the food. At some point we pick them up at the restaurant and bring them back to the center.  The remaining cake is then served up for cake hour.  This has been going on for years so feel free to check previous years' posts.
What's under the aluminum foil?
This is what's left of the cake!

Not a bad chunk remaining!
Not quite the same effect as the night before!
This year, however, to our surprise the cake was different. It has usually been a four layer creation known as an Opera Torte.  This year they went for something smaller - only tow layers with a mousse like chocolate filling and frosting.  This change was not bad at all. Although we liked the Opera Torte it could be a little filling. It also took us days to finish it off.

Not as many layers as the usual Opera Torte by any stretch.
Sometimes less is more!
That was not the case this time. The cake itself was moister and the frosting was lighter than the normal butter cream type frosting used in the Torte.  This was very chocolatey and easier to eat.  So despite this being a it of a downgrade it was well received. Can't wait to see if the price has been downgraded!
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