Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pioneering Swiss Biscuits from Costco

The Thanksgiving holiday provided the opportunity for one of our colleagues to visit Costco. Ever thinking ahead of his return he picked up something to bring for cake hour. Aren't our colleagues awesome?!  This was a nicely packaged box of a Swiss Biscuit Selection.  The company that makes them, Wernli, goes all the way back to 1905, and since then, if you believe their insert, they have been well-known as the premier biscuit pioneer of Switzerland. It begged the question "what is a biscuit pioneer?"  We took it to mean that whoever started the company was a confection pioneer for making Swiss biscuits in the first place.  Maybe you have another explanation.
Elegant packaging!

Festive bow for our Swiss Biscuit Collection!

Inside they are wrapped...for freshness of course!

The insert also described them as Swiss Chocolate Biscuits which was appropriate in that several of them, but not all, did feature Swiss Milk Chocolate as well as various creams as filling and different kinds of biscuit bases. The five types were Double Dream, Confect, Orange Chocolate Meringue, Baladin and Japonais. We especially like the last two names though we can't imagine why Japonais was used as there did not seem anything Japanese about the product. A little creative license perhaps!
Good looking selection from Wernli via Costco!
The double dream is "Oven fresh short dough cookies, filled with a velvety cream, dipped in Swiss milk chocolate and decorated with the design of the Swiss flag.  That is the one with the cross on top. Oven fresh via Costco?  Hardly but not bad!

Orange chocolate meringue - melt in your mouth meringue cookies filled with naturally flavored orange cocoa cream and (again) enrobed in semi-sweet Swiss chocolate.  We not sure where the heart shape came from.

The double dream with the Swiss cross and the Orange Chocolate Meringue!
Baladin - probably the best - were light crispy wafers filled with a smooth cocoa cream topped with roasted almond slivers and covered - not enrobed - with Swiss milk chocolate.

We like these - the Baladin - the best!
Confect consists of delightful meringue biscuits with a silky cocoa cream filling, enrobed in luscious Swiss milk chocolate!  I like it when they use enrobed to describe the coating!

And lastly the Japonais were crispy and delicate almond meringue cookies filled with a rich hazelnut and almond cream. Without sweetened bean paste are they really Japonais? All in all not a bad choice if you happen to be stopping by Costco in the near future!
Confect and Japonais!
It was a foggy day in Providence town!  Several of our Chinese colleagues remarked that it looked like the typical air quality in Beijing or Shanghai and was a not so positive reminder of home. I suppose in terms of visiting China it is not something to look forward to!

Shades of Shanghai in Providence!

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