Friday, December 20, 2013

The Glühwein flows again

We've made this a holiday tradition for cake hour. In effect we are bringing a German/Northern European tradition to Providence.  We serve up some spiced mulled wine known as Glühwein with appropriate Gebäck or baked goods.  In the past years I've managed to bring back baked goods from Germany but for the last few have not made it back.  However that did not deter us as we were able to find some appropriate goodies in Boston and combined with some homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies we put together a good selection to go with the wine.
Good spread for the day!
Commercially acquired Plätzchen..they were fine.
The Mother-in-law's famous oatmeal chocolate chip!
And a few other appropriate products from the store!

All set for a Glühwein cake hour!
Time to start serving!
This wine was prepared at home according to a great recipe that include a dash or amaretto and some rum.  We serve it up in a cup that is rimmed with sugar and garnish it with and orange slice.
The presentation!
Happy Holidays with Glühwein!
Puts a smile on my face!
This proves to be a popular way to serve it.  Several of our newer colleagues from China who had not had this before were very happy to give it a try as you can tell from the pictures.
And his.
Old and new Pediatric BFFs.
The commercial cookies laid out on the tray were adequate and visually approximated the Plätzchen or Christmas cookies that are ubiquitous in Germany during the holiday season. There was no comparison to the taste.  The homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies were a big hit and went very will with the Glühwein.  Because people seemed more interested in the drink we saved the Bahlsen Butter Leaves and the Anna's Swedish Ginger Thins for another day.   The most appropriate thing to have would be a Stollen, or traditional German Christmas Cake, but we could not find one this time around.  There will be plenty after Christmas, we suspect.
Sharing a last cake hour.
Very good!
Cheers from the guys!
These two have been around before.

This cake hour marked the final day of one of our graduate students now a full fledged PhD doctor.  For this we took our usual 10 second groupie!  (That's a selfie taken of a group.)
Farewell group for our newly minted PhD.

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