Friday, January 10, 2014

Bricks and shells and pushups!

Our friend who introduced us to the Rosca de Reyes, had a few more things up her sleeve or in her luggage for that matter.  Conchas and Ladrillos which translates to shells and bricks.  These are two more Spanish baked goods. The conchas looked a bit like cinnamon rolls, the ladrillos looked like..bricks. Our associate referred to the choncas as conchas de chocolate but we think they were conchas de canela or actually cinnamon shells as there wasn't much of a chocolate taste.
Ladrillos or bricks!
Conchas or shells!
Both of these treats are a little on the dry and not too sweet side.  As we've said ad nauseum, that means they are good to have with coffee or tea.  They were very much like a light bread with a sweet cinnamon sugar on top. The sugar was the only part that sated the sweet tooth.  They conchas appear to have been well received.
Look like a big cinnamon roll!
Nowhere near as dense or sweet as a cinnamon roll!
In contrast the bricks were denser pastry, also not very sweet, but covered with a sugar syrup type glaze that was flavored like strawberry. They were also very good.  We have actually had these before but to many they were a new cake hour taste treat.
It does look like a brick!
It stacks like a brick!
I can see a brick facade there..
The cake hour calendar was a little sparse for the month but with a little strong-arming we fixed that.
The subject of who could do more push ups came up and there might have been a challenge
Let's see if this goes anywhere! 

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