Monday, January 27, 2014

Buy up all the cookies when you forget your cake!

Our designee for today suddenly realized that she had signed up for cake hour but forgot to pick something up. With limited circumstances for buying anything in the area, she took a chance.  She went to the local deli known for their sandwiches and sought to get anything they could offer.  They do have individual cookies for sale which was a relief and she promptly bought up the store. Mind you this place does not usually have a pile of cookies on display but rather one or two. So it may well be that she bought out the whole supply for a week since she walked away with quite a few!  After getting them here she arranged them in a nice display and cake hour was off.  She also tossed in a few muffins for variety.
She got something here and displayed it nicely!

This must clearly be the week's supply from that deli!>
These are large commercial cookies with good size chunks of chocolate, not necessarily chips. There were also some oatmeal raisin or dried grape cookies as they were referred to by one of our English learning colleagues. He now knows what a raisin in. The cookies were good and hit the spot.  The muffins were spice type and bran muffins. No complaints and we were happy that our colleague met her obligations and got something here.  Otherwise we might have had to ship her back to Brazil!

Good size chocolate chunk cookies!
And some with dried grapes!
And a few muffins for variety!

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