Monday, January 13, 2014

It was supposed to be a flan!

Ah the unexpecting!  We have a colleague who has started doing some work here and has been sort of around at cake hour.  She was here last week and so I very nonchalantly asked if she was going to be around this week.  When she said of course she would, I responded with "Good, sing up for a cake!" ...and she did!  There was a brief discussion about flan and our newly designated cake bringer's mother supposedly made a good one so she would bring that!
I said flan but it's bread pudding!
Trust me you will like it!  

It certainly looks good!
Although she got stuck in traffic and was a titch late she showed up with...a bread pudding.  Not that this mattered to most of us but those that are gluten sensitive would have preferred the flan. The rest of us just dug into the bread pudding.  It looked very nice with a beautifully browned surface. Clearly Mom knew what she was doing.  The pudding itself was smooth, not chunky like a lot of them. It was very moist but not that heavy or sweet. It was quite tasty by itself and didn't need any of the usual sauces that accompany bread pudding. That might not have been had but we did without.
Browned to perfection!
Slices good and smooth - not the chunky kind!
We were told that it had a bit of rum added to the batter and that the raisins which were on the bottom had been soaked in wine.  Both of these added to the appeal for sure.Bottom line, this was very good and very well received. We look forward to the next time we trick, er - convince our colleague to contribute some of Mom's goodies.
Them's wine soaked raisins on the bottom!
We are continuing to track the amount of time it is taking to finish off last week's tub of popcorn.  The caramel corn is taking the lead. We are getting there.

Gradually disappearing!

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