Thursday, November 20, 2014

Every now and gotta have a coffee cake!

Cake hour is also coffee time. We have a coffee service but we bring out the deluxe kind for cake hour. Okay, it's Starbucks but still darker and more flavorful than the other stuff we have during the day which actually is not that bad.  Okay so we treat ourselves and like everyone else thinks Starbucks is a little special.  What's the big deal?
Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast Ground Coffee, Regular, 2.5 oz., 18 Packets
Our cake hour indulgence!
 Since it a coffee time every now and then you have to have a simple coffee cake.
Today's treat from the East Side.

Guess what type it is!!
This is a great cake after all...yellow fake with cinnamon and usually nuts - walnuts or pecans being the most common. It is intended to go with coffee or tea and never fails.
Classic coffee cake!
Well baked all around!
This one came from the Eastside Marketplace in Providence and they do a very nice job with this cake. This was their cinnamon pecan version and it didn't last long.  Very moist cake with a ribbon of nuts through the batter. 

Cinnamon sugary top!
Walnuts and cinnamon throughout,
Add in lots of cinnamon sugar on the top and you got a classic coffee treat that has to be tried on occasion for a special treat..just like the Starbucks coffee!

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