Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Haven't Had one of these in a while...

The title refers to two things...a penalty cake and the Chocolate Mousse Cake from Pastiche.  In case you don't remember a penalty cake is assessed when someone insists they can't see or find something when in fact it is usually right there.  Well, that's one example for a penalty cake.  The "penalty" hits when they seek unnecessary assistance.  Usually they are asked if they are sure things are as they say and if they insist and are shown to be wrong..PENALTY CAKE!
This time around one of our intrepid folks could not find the Sodium Chloride and insisted there was none.  The person he asked to help, moi, knew there was a lot and inquired as to whether it was sure there was no NaCl.  He was sure and even as I was kicking the tub full of the salt, asking "Are you sure..."., he maintained there was none.  When I showed him what I was kicking he realized it was time to buy a cake.
Can you find the Sodium Chloride?

I've paid the penalty!

He set out on a stormy day, having checked online for positive reviews, to Pastiche, one of the better if not the best bakery in Providence.  He came back with a Chocolate Mousse Cake which, like the assessed penalty, we have not had in a while.
Cookie crumble on the outside!
Quite the presentation!

Topped with real whipped cream and some chocolate garnish!
An elegant treat!

If you are a chocolate mousse lover this is the cake for you. There is a cookie base, with about 2 inches of mousse on top which is then frosted with fresh whipped cream and garnished with chocolate pieces.  It is lighter than it looks and it all goes very well together. The whipped cream offsets the density and sweetness of the mousse and the cookie bottom gives it some texture. It really is very good and highly recommended even in the absence of a penalty!
Thick layer or mousse is featured!

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