Thursday, November 13, 2014

Soon to be As American as Pumpkin Pie..

One of our colleagues has decided to move on from his Hungarian heritage and become a full fledged American boy.  Should you not know the process at one point there is a citizenship test. For this test you go to an appointment and they give you a quiz about American history. If you pass the quiz then all you have left is a swearing in ceremony and then you can enjoy the fruits of American citizenship meaning you may actually accrue some benefit for paying all the taxes you had already been paying as a J-1 visa or green card holder but were ineligible for most federal programs.  You also get to vote or not vote if you are like most Americans.
Soon to be an American
Our buddy passed with flying colors, or so we think and since he was in the area of Johnston, RI he searched using his phone for a bakery and picked up something to celebrate this milestone at cake hour.  He opted for something solidly American and appropriate for this time of year...a pumpkin pie!
Nothing like an all American pie!
 This was good and was pretty much your standard pumpkin pie.  It had just the right amount of spice, had a great texture and some whipped cream florets to top it off.  Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream is always a good complement to a pumpkin pie.  it was a nice choice and appropriate to celebrate his pending confirmation of American citzenship.
Nice whipped cream flourish on top!

Just like they serve in luxury hotels!
Pumpkin pie is ubiquitous recipe this time of year and lest you think everyone has their own I will tell you about the exchange I had with the pasty chef of a five star luxury hotel. He featured all these mini-pumkpin pie tartlets that were very good. It was a bite-sized version and because the relative amount of filling was less in regards to the whipped cream on top and crust on the bottom, there was  a better balance of flavor.  I asked about these and if I could get the recipe.  His response was that he always used whatever was on the can.  So much for that. If you decided to make a pie using said recipe from the can you can always brag that it is the same that is served in the finest hotels!
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