Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another birthday without the celebrant

We celebrated a birthday today.  The honoree is not a fan of sweet cakes and sweets in general so the choice was some ice cream and a few cookies.  We were all set to go at 4pm as usual with only a slight problem - the honoree didn't show. This is not the first time it has happened. Some people are either embarrassed or just don't want to celebrate.  Rest assured, though, that doesn't stop us. So were dutifully sang "Happy Birthday" with the person in absentia and them went ahead and had our treats.
Message for those that are birthday shy!
Our procurer for the day opted for some Edy's ice cream, chocolate brownie, and a few cookies.  Make that - half cookies.  Who knew there is a place that will sell you half a cookie. Then again these half cookies were large enough for us to conclude we wouldn't necessarily want a whole one.  So I guess we were fine. The chocolate chip version had a piece broken or bitten off. It made for a compromised presentation for sure. 
The selection for the unattended celerbration.
Very chocolatey and very good!
Did someone take a bite out of this one?
The other cookie we could not identify.  The purchaser thought it was a ginger or spice cookie.  Others thought it was a brown sugar/caramel type cookie since it did not taste very spicy. The sugar crystals on the top also were more reminiscent of the latter. 

Not chocolate and not spice - brown sugar cookie maybe?
They both fit with chocolate ice cream so we were quite alright.  After most of us left the honoree arrived and had some ice cream at the after party. This is when the timid or those feigning disinterest show up and eat the remainders. We're glad she got to celebrate a bit and wish her a great year!

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