Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nice little treats from Pranzi

We frequently make use of Pranzi Restaurant for lunch catering with research progress reports or journal clubs.  Some of them offer desserts plates to go along with their lunch. Not wanting to be duplicative, we usually take the treats and serve them up at cake hour!  Who needs dessert at lunch when cake time is two hours later.
Got it for lunch but we had it cake hour

Nice little selection of American mini-treats.

The tray of little goodies that came was quite nice.  It consisted of 5 mini treats including small plain and raspberry cheesecakes, mini-brownies with a floret of chocolate frosting, a truffle like confection covered with chocolate chips and finally mini-whoopie pies!!  Have you noticed that whoppie pies seem to be making a comeback?

A little raspberry cheesecake!
Nice finish atop the brownie!

Put a little whipped cream on the cheesecake and we love it!

Dense truffle with chocolate morsels!

A New England phenomenon according to Wikipedia!
In the interest of modulating caloric content most people tried one or two. All agreed that they were pretty good and that it was fun to try a few different things.  The mini-cheesecakes were most favored although the dense chocolate truffle thing was also well liked.  Pranzi's online menu describes dessert platters like "Mini Italian Pastry Platter" and  "Homestyle Cookie Platter".  This was neither of these and we would call it the "Mini Classic American Desserts" platter or something like that and we certainly recommend it.

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