Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cutely packaged mini-chocolate chips

One of our colleagues from the Land of the Rising Sun signed up to bring treats today.  We were expecting the usual kind of treats from Japan. These tend to be very carefully made and very intensely packaged. What we got however were things that were indeed carefully prepared and very cutely packaged.  Instead of a typical Japanese treat made from beans or something like that, our friend's spouse prepared some very delicate and small chocolate chip cookies and then packaged them in several boxes wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.  The presentation was very cute for sure.
It's just a bag - not where the cookies are from!

Inside were many well wrapped boxes of mini cookies.
Homemade bite size treats!

The Japanese are known for their creative pacakging!
Japanese take on American cookies and no beans involved!
The cookies themselves were bite size, freshly baked cookies and oishii or delicious.  The recipe she found or concocted did not have as much sugar as most recipes do and so the mini-cookies were thereby nowhere near as sweet as some can be. Everyone agreed this was a good thing and ate a few more than otherwise!  We were happy to see and try a unique take on a classic American treat. 
Not your usual chocolate chips!

Not too sweet so more to eat!!

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