Monday, March 9, 2015

Have you ever heard of a Pie Sampler?

We hadn't heard of a pie sampler. But we did notice that the pie seemed awfully large when it came out of the refrigerator. Then we saw what it was called and read that it was a pie sampler or kind of four pies in one. It was a large pie shell with four different fillings each taking up a quarter of the pie!  The fillings were apple, blueberry, cherry and peach.  It did not say where it was made but there was the statement that it was baked fresh in the club. We take that to mean Sam's Club.
It is actually a pretty big box!
This was something new to us!

Looks like a pie with multicolored filling!

Closer look and things get a little clearer!

We have peach pie...
And that's blueberry!

And some good old cherry pie!

Surprisingly this was better than we expected.  Although the fillings were pretty common and most likely came right out of a can, they were nonetheless pretty good. The blueberries were the small king that you assume came from the wild. At first we thought the peaches were the syrupy kind a la DelMonte brand but they were instead pretty firm and not the mush we prepared ourselves for.  The apples also were not cooked to death and the cherries were a little tart and also more crunchy than soft.  It was sort of like four pies in one and gave everyone a choice to have his favorite!

I'll have blueberry!

Another has the cherry!
Some even had the peach!

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