Thursday, March 12, 2015

Unbeatable key lime tart

If the box has the Pastich sticker we know it will be something good.  Pastiche, is probably the best bakery int PVD.  Everything is high quality and the menu is sort of Euro-American.  Their key lime part is just great.  You can tell that just from the look of it. Well decorated with whipped cream swirls and fanned lime slices, it is hard to cut into but we did.
The box we always like to see!

Looking good!

Nicely done with the lime slices!

And lots of whipped cream to boot!
The bottom crust is their normal tart crust which is then topped with a like mousse that has just the right balance of sweet and sour with a light texture. The real whipped cream topping makes the cake and is a great counterpoint to the mousse. 

A little slice of key lime heaven!

This thing never lasts very long.  If you are looking for a cake for an occasion you can't go wrong with this!

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