Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Triangles Trayed

Today was journal club day which featured a catered lunch. Once again a small dessert tray came with the lunch and we commandeered it for cake hour! These could be called Luigi's triangles.  We have had them before and they are pretty good for commercially prepared products.  From the name you should be able to deduce that they are triangle shaped goodies. Today's selection was more limited than ones we have had in the past.
Triangle Trayed!

There were triangle brownies with either chocolate morsels of M&Ms on top.  There also some lemon triangles which were like lemon squares cut in half. The brownies were soft and tasty if not somewhat sweet which is par for the course for most American baked items.  The lemon squares were probably also loaded with sugar but the tartness of the lemon buffered that a bit.  All of them were perfectly acceptable and small enough to indulge in as guilty pleasures.
Brownie with M&Ms!
Brownie with morsels!
Lemon square cut across a hypotenuse!

We had yet another snow day in Providence where about 5 inches fell. It was frustrating to watch that amount of snow fall here with Boston needling less than two inches to beat their all time record for snowy winters.  Nothing fell in Boston so we are still just shy of the record which I hope will get broken sooner of later.  One more storm!
Only 1.9 inches to go!

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