Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For my first cake.......

We have new colleagues all the time that come for a postdoctoral fellowship or student internship of various kinds. We are always happy to have them join in for cake hour and even happer when they sign up and show up with a cake.  Today we had our most recent postdoc pitch in for his first donation... a Mocha cake from Eastside Marketplace (I think).
For my first cake.....it's Mocha!
Something was crushed and put all over the sides.
Nice accents with the chocolate!

We have actually seen this cake several times before and we like it as a solid representation of an American chocolate cake. The Mocha part is the frosting and there is indeed a hint of coffee flavor though not overwhelming.  This one had the typical double layer and a butter or other cream frosting that is always better when it is at room temperature. 
A random malted milk ball for the center.
It is nicely decorated with some chocolate swirls and crushed cookies or something similar on the side.  The one interesting thing about this cake is the single malted milk ball in the center. Where else do you ever see malted milk balls except at Easter.  Interesting!  So our colleague has been well initiated into cake bringing and here's to many more!
A classic chocolate cake!
We also had a last minute addition of some strawberry macaroons homemade by one of our favorite cake hour bakers.  As usual they were great and a special extra treat!
Strawberry flavored macaroons...extra treat!

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