Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wellesley Farms Chocolate Cake from BJs

Wholesale warehouse stores along the lines of Costco and BJs can be a little intimidating because everything is huge. If you can buy in bulk and have the room to store it then these places can be useful.  For normal amounts you are mostly wasting your time with a few exceptions such as the deli and the bakery.  BJs has its own superior brand name that you have not heard of unless you have been to BJs. That name is Wellesley Farms.  So if you see something from Wellesley farms you know where it came from.
Simple but good looking chocolate cake!
Smothered with those choco bits I would say.
The clue that it came from BJs.

Today we had a sumptuous chocolate cake from Wellesley Farms.  This was American style chocolate cake with butter cream or lard cream frosting, four layers with frosting in between.  There was not much in the way of decoration but the whole cake was covered with what could best be described as chocolate confetti and I mean the whole thing - sides, top and maybe the bottom. This was a very good chocolate cake and since we took it out early the frosting was nice and creamy as opposed to cold and congealed.  This cake was moist and perhaps a little rich but nonetheless was enjoyable and as classic a cake as you can get. Ir would have been great with a glass of milk!
Anyone got a glass of milk?

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