Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brooklyn Surprise

We got one of those texts that we love to get on Monday....sign me up for cake hour tomorrow! Someone was coming back from Brooklyn, NY and was bringing something.  It was supposed to be a cheesecake but at the last minute she opted for something else that looked good.  We will have to wait for the classic NY cheesecake for some other time.  She dropped off the cake and then spent the next hour chatting with a mentor so we never really saw her at cake hour - which is something she has done before. But that certainly didn't stop us. Who needs her when we got the cake?
Another bakery to try....

...and it's in Brooklyn.

This is not a cheesecake for sure!
Avant garde look on the top with a tubular element!
I think the hazelnuts are a hint for what is to come.

This was a nice looking thing for sure.  It was not that tall with a silky chocolate frosting like you see on all those flourless chocolate cakes. The side of the cake was covered with slivered almonds which made for a nice look and there were random pieces of chocolate and some hazelnuts to embellish the top.  We liked the white chocolate tubular thing as this made the decoration a little avant garde.
Two small layers with a cream filling were just about right!

And it's going fast!
The cake was a white vanilla cake with a hazelnut cream filling. It was lighter than it looked with the hazelnut and chocolate flavors nicely complementing each other.  It had a little bit of the Ferraro Rocher taste.  It hit the spot with the crowd as you can tell by the number of empty plates. Thanks for our treat from Brooklyn and hope to see you with the cake next time!
Thumbs up from this group!

An empty plate says it all!

Another satisfied and sated customer!

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