Thursday, February 4, 2016

A cheesecale twofer

Well we haven't seen these in a while!  Today our colleague opted for not one but two cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory. We used to get these quite frequently but since the gift cards that helped us dried up we haven't been there as often.  Today we had the classic New York style cheesecake and a Godiva Chocolate one.  We didn't realize that Godiva had a thing going with the factory but clearly they do!
Cheesecake Factory fan delivers!
Who knew they featured Godiva?
Instead of the classic one our buyer had requested a strawberry cheesecake.  Since the retail cakes are largely sold frozen, they don't have any strawberry topped cakes readily available. So when you request one with a fruit topping they give you the stuff to make the topping yourself.  So in addition to the frozen cake, a container of strawberry glaze, some fresh strawberries and a container of whipped cream were provided for us to finish it up.  We opted to just include some of the stuff with the individual slices. It worked just as well.
Classic New York Style!
We're supposed to add the strawberries and glaze ourselves!
Lots of chocolate in this one!
Whatever you do, don't sneeze!
The classic cake tasted like a classic cheesecake should and was very good. The Godiva chocolate cake was even better and more favored. The cheesecake portion was not too dense, the bottom was a flourless chocolate cake and above the cheesecake was some chocolate mousse. The very top was dusted with cocoa powder making it even more chocolatey intense.  With a dollop of whipped cream it was awesome and the whole thing went great with coffee.  
Solid cheesecake!
As opposed to layers!
It all went together just great!

We were glad to revisit some great Cheesecake Factory offerings and hopefully there won't be such a long time before we see them again.

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