Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lemon Cake, not so pretty!!

So what happens when you buy your cake, put it in the trunk, and then hit something backing up the car.   Well, if you have a sensitive cake it gets damaged.  In the case of today's offering from the Vienna Bakery, one of our faves, you get cake whiplash. The top layers slide off the bottom layer and the whole thing is askew. In cake terms this might be the equivalent of a broken neck but let's not get so dramatic.  It was still in the box, though, so the only challenge was to get it out of the box.   We got our best cake surgeons together and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Getting all the cream off the sides of the box and reconstructing the frosting was not completely successful but it ended up presentable.
If it's from here it's bound to be good!
A slight bump in the car and it's cake whiplash!
View from the good side!
That's lemon curd on the top!
From here the damage looks negligible!
A little bit or surgery and it looks pretty good.
This cake was a very good one.  It is their white chocolate lemon cake or we think that is what they call it since it is not on their regular menu.  It is a white cake, with lemon curd, whipped cream frosting and white chocolate shavings.  The tartness of the lemon offsets the sweetness and the whipped cream frosting keeps it lighter than most cakes.
Nice layers of curd and whipped cream...yum!
Despite the damage, there was no issue with the quality or taste of the cake and we certainly enjoyed it regardless of whether the appearance is perfect. That's the kind of folks we are!!

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