Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let them eat cake...as long as it's ice cream!!

We do have a few people that don't have sweet teeth and are not big cake fans.  However, one of those will indulge in some ice cream!  So for her birthday we got and ice cream cake!!  This one was Ben and Jerry's aka Euphoria to Go that you can read about in another post.

Gotta be an ice cream cake!
That's pink and white whipped cream decor!
And the message !
Two good flavor layers and enough for tomorrow!
Needless to say B&J make a very good ice cream and so you can count on the cake being good too.  It was! This one had a chocolate brownie bottom and a vanilla cookie dough top.  Add a nice pink whipped cream top and some whipped cream florets and you call it a cake. Our friend enjoyed her birthday celebration and was happy to indulge her ice cream affinity! Because of its size we also got a second day out of the cake!
Just don't set off the sprinklers!
Making a wish....
And blowing out the candles!!

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