Thursday, December 29, 2016

She made a cake and is going back to France

Another of our research associated have finished the fellowship. So we celebrated the departure with a homemade cake and a few parting gifts.
She's leaving but she made the cake!

Bundt style and looking pretty good!
The cake was a circular bundt type cake.  It was a little experimental in that the cake dough was vanilla/white but our baker wanted to do something with cranberries so she added a cranberry jam type filling.  It was covered with a simple sugar syrup frosting and some decorative colored sprinkles. We thought it tasted good, that the cranberries work and did not even notice so much that the dough didn't really rise.  This was pointed out by the creator but we assured her that we hardly noticed.
Nice circular form!
A little sugar frosting with a dash of color!
The cranberries were good but the cake didn't rise - not that we cared!
Then we did our usual Brown clothing makeover.  We settled for a more feminine color and the duds were well received.  Brown now has a coffee cup with the name speed by elements of the periodic table.  We like this and so now feature it also as a parting gift to commemorate coffee hour and to keep them in the spirit when they return home!
Another successful makeover- we like the cup!
With the mentor!
And the colleagues say farewell!
Same group with one difference!
And the obligatory 10 second final shot!

Au revoir, notre amie!

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