Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Two days of very good leftover cake

Two nights ago was our Gastroenterology Division Holiday Party at the restaurant CAV.  CAV has been doing this for us since 1999, as many know, and they do an incredible job.  The decor is perfect for the holidays, the food is always good and we have Christmas caroling to boot ending with the copyrighted "Round the World" Silent night. Dessert is always a chocolate cake of rather abundant size served with champagne.  
The cake before we dug in!
This year the cake was remarkable...which is expected.  It always looks good with the frosting, the inscription, the chocolate covered fruit and dark chocolate shards. It was also delicious.  Despite its looks this is a pretty light cake.  The frosting is mousse based, and the cake itself is not heavy at all. It goes great with the champagne and is a great ending to a copious meal.  There are always leftovers to boot and yesterday and today we worked on finishing them off.
What was left at the end of the night!
Four good size layers but not heavy at all.
Nothing more to be said about the cake except that after two days it was still damn good and made for a couple of easy cakehours.  Happy Holidays to all!
The remains about to be finished off after two days.

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